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Inspiration and Uniqueness

If you’re looking for the perfect piece of jewelry with beauty and meaning, welcome to the Glimpse of Heaven Collection®. The world offers plenty of beautiful jewelry, but rarely does that beauty also include Bible based truth and hope in every piece. This is our distinction. This is why women of all ages are drawn. Modern yet timeless, this versatile collection can be worn from the most elegant occasion to the most casual. Sharon considered every detail of this collection and continues to design beautiful piece that are elegant, stylish, and very wearable.

The jewelry from the Glimpse of Heaven Collection® is a reflection of Heaven's beauty as described in the Bible in the book of Revelation, chapter 21. In this passage, the Bible describes the beauty that God has planned for Believers in Jesus. The foundations of the walls are decorated with 12 beautiful gemstones. Ah, the sight we will behold when the light of God, Himself, will radiate through each and every hue of color in these stones! The entire city will be like a precious jewel, and we will walk in the middle of it, surrounded by its' beauty! There are twelve gates into the city. The Bible says that each gate is made of one single pearl! How loving of God to offer us the hope and beauty of Heaven in a tangible way through every piece of jewelry in the Glimpse of Heaven Collection®. To Him be the glory!

The Biblical Gemstones represented are:

  • Jasper (Rust Brown)
  • Chrysolite (Translucent Green)
  • Sapphire (Blue)
  • Beryl (Translucent Milk, Aqua)
  • Chalcedony (Milk Colored)
  • Topaz (Golden)
  • Emerald (Green)
  • Chrysoprase (Mint Green)
  • Sardonyx (Ruby Red)
  • Jacinth (Red)
  • Carnelian (Orange)
  • Amethyst (Purple)
  • 1 Cultured Pearl

About Natural Gemstones

These fine collection pieces in the Glimpse of Heaven Collection® are crafted with genuine gemstones. Because no two natural gemstones are exactly alike, each of our fine jewelry is unique - "one-of-a-kind" item. Natural gemstones come in multiple colors and shades - some more rare than others; those chosen are representations of the precious gemstones of the foundations of the Walls of Heaven.


About the Gold Elegant V Necklace with Fancy Chain

The Elegant V Fancy Chain Necklace and the Elegant V Rope Chain Necklace are beautiful, classic designs from the Glimpse of Heaven Collection®. This V shape pattern exudes elegance with its’ exemplary spacing of the gemstones, which are lightly separated by beautifully set cz’s for that perfect glimmer of sparkle. It is a true vision of the elegant wall of color that God has fashioned in Heaven. The piece is fully complete with the cultured pearl pulling it all together into its’ Elegant V shape.

These Elegant V Necklaces are easily worn with many clothing styles including V, round, or square shaped necklines. They look exceptionally sharp with collared shirts. If you want more of the chain to be viewed, then go with a top with a more open look.

Sharon’s original design for the Elegant V Necklace was to offer it in one chain style. However, in her personal research, an equal number of women selected the rope chain and the fancy chain, so she decided to offer both. If you need help in choosing just one, here are some things to consider. Women of all ages love both styles. When forced to choose, women who enjoy more petite jewelry lean toward the Fancy chain. Women who prefer larger chains tend to select the Rope style. Both chain variations are beautifully proportionate to the Elegant V design. An extra bonus is that both styles are fully adjustable by approximately two inches to accommodate every neck size and various clothing choices.

Details about this beautiful necklace Include:

  • Measures approximately 16" to 18½" adjustable
  • 18K Yellow Gold over Sterling Silver
  • Total combined gem and metal weight approximately 20.2 grams
  • 12 bezel set cabochon gemstones measuring an average of 7mm x 5mm x 3mm
  • 1 lustrous pearl
  • 10 beautiful bezel set cz’s
  • GOHC jewelry box, velvet pouch, and an insert card. The insert card tells the story behind the collection, includes the Biblical Scripture, and provides cleaning information.


An appraisal for this piece of jewelry is provided in the "Appraisal" button above. If you wish to read the back of the appraisal, click "Appraisal Page 2".


Beautiful Packaging for beautiful jewelry

This distinctive jewelry collection deserves beautiful and distinctive packaging. Sharon's attention to detail and commitment to quality is evidenced by the beautiful packaging and information card included with every piece of Glimpse of Heaven Collection® jewelry.

Depending on the item ordered, some pieces will be packaged in the black jewelry box with velvet bag, while others will be packaged in the white leatherette jewelry folders.

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Every jewelry piece includes an insert card with Scripture details and the story behind the Glimpse of Heaven Collection®. Each insert card also includes information about your new jewelry and how to care of it.

Every woman feels extra special when she opens this custom packaging to find her beautiful Bible inspired jewelry.


Can’t decide?

We offer perfectly matching sets in this ever growing collection, but the beauty is that every piece in this unique jewelry line has been designed to be interchangeable. Have fun with it. Mix and match the pieces to fit your style, all the while, bringing a bit of Heaven to earth in a fresh and beautiful way.

A Glimpse of Heaven Collection® is a Gift for Any Occasion ….

Just Because giftChristmas giftThinking of You gift
Anniversary giftRetirement giftSympathy gift
New Mother giftBirthday giftYou Are Special gift
New Bride giftGraduation giftProud of You gift
Mother's Day giftThank You giftI Want it for Myself! gift


Basic Care…

Cleaning doesn’t need to be done often, but when desired, here are a few tips.

  • For all Glimpse of Heaven Collection® jewelry, do not soak in jewelry cleaners. Jewelry cleaners will loosen pearls. Simply dip the piece in the jewelry cleaner and rinse immediately in warm water.
  • For solid gold jewelry, do not soak in jewelry cleaners. Simply dip the piece in jewelry cleaner and rinse with warm water.
  • For sterling silver pieces, clean with a silver cleaning cloth and when necessary, dip (don’t soak) in silver cleaner and blot with soft dry cloth. Leave out to dry completely.
  • For gold over sterling silver pieces, when necessary, lightly dip in jewelry cleaner and lightly dab dry. Do not polish the metal.

Be sure to read the directions on any jewelry cleaner before using on Glimpse of Heaven Collection® jewelry. Improper use of cleaners on Glimpse of Heaven Collection jewelry could void the warranty.

For "deep cleaning", we recommend that you take your jewelry to a professional jeweler.


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