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Glimpse of Heaven Collection
by Sharon Hinton Smith

Inspired by the Book of Revelation, now you can enjoy a glimpse of Heaven with our elegant jewelry.


Faith based Christian Jewelry inspired by the promise of Heaven in Revelation.

Below are a few of the very kind comments from Glimpse of Heaven Collection® jewelry owners. We sincerely appreciate them. Their comments should give you an excellent idea of the care, quality, beauty and inspiration that comes with every piece of Glimpse of Heaven's faith-based Christian jewelry.

Lisa Brouse

"Surprise! My husband bought me a necklace for Christmas! Each time I clasp it around my neck, though, I am reminded of the real prize for which we strive, the ultimate goal for which we seek, and the hope to which we cling--to dwell in the house of the Lord, forever surrounded by His glory and splendor. I am reminded that our Lord is preparing a place for believers to live among the most beautiful gems and colors our eyes will ever behold, and yet calling me His child, He thought my life more precious than all of these--and then I am reminded of the price for which my soul was purchased. Can a piece of jewelry do all that? It can when the designer's work is the result of one whose heart diligently seeks The Designer's heart... and it can do more!

Seeing the necklace reflecting in the mirror, I am reminded once again to (re)focus my heart on treasures which are stored up for believers in heaven, rather than getting caught up in what the world is relentlessly attempting to sell as its treasures. You know, it only takes a few moments to don a beautifully crafted item of jewelry, but oh how powerful those moments can be when the jewelry has meaning beyond its gems.

Thank you, Sharon, for allowing us to behold a glimpse of heaven, and perhaps even grant this wearer the opportunity to share His hope-filled message and faithful promises with someone whose heart yearns to hear it. Your passion for our God is evident, and the results could be infinitely fruitful. May our Lord continue to expand His work through your heart, through your soul, through your mind, and through your hands, all of which you have given to Him."

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Brett Herrmann

"Thank you so much for creating this wonderful bracelet! What a beautiful piece of jewelry. My wife loved it. Every time we look at Glimpse Of Heaven it truly reminds us of what we have to look forward to when we get to heaven!"

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Candy Underwood

"I was so tickled when my husband surprised me with this beautiful bracelet. I truly enjoyed reading the information leaflet that came with it. I am so glad you were blessed with this vision so people here on earth can see a glimpse of what heaven is going to be like. The stones are so beautiful and I can’t wait to see them in heaven."

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Florence Black

"When people ask me where I got my Glimpse of Heaven necklace and bracelet, I know that they are taken by their beauty. I use the opportunity to tell them the significance of the stones and the beauty that awaits them on the other side of Heaven’s gate."

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Yvette Horne

"I love my Glimpse of Heaven bracelet. When people ask me where I got it, I tell them, of course, but I first tell them the significance of the stones and use the opportunity to share my faith with them. I use it as a witnessing tool every time I wear it."

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